Sunrocks - Howitworks

How it works

1. Select Your Party Animal

How much do you party? We got you. Whether you go out one night a week or 31 nights a month (that's right, even in a month with only 30 days you squeeze an extra night worth in you fvcking professional). Party stress free. Unless you kill someone, then... lawyer. But seriously, murder is bad.

2. We Pack The Right Amount of Sunrocks

Our team of superhero packagers will pack your Sunrocks and ship them to you on the same day every month so you can plan your shenanigans worry free.

3. Commence Rage

Nuf said. Send pics. Best pics get added to the monthly newsletter and whoever sends the most epic pic gets their next month FREE!!!

What's in the Envelope?

Every month you'll get your order of Sunrocks, each pre-packaged for one night at a time. Put them in your pocket, walk out the door and burn the town down.

You'll also get a professional party tip and every once in a awhile we'll throw in a free gift to help take your partying to the next level. We'll also include free samples of new products that we're working on to enhance the Sunrocks experience. Our motto: try it first, see if it works for you. If so, subscribe for life and name your first born after us.
Our also get our monthly email newsletter (no paper, cause you know... trees are cool). Every month we'll send you party tips, stories from our raging (no we don't intend to stop) and party pictures from the Sunrocks Instagram community. Whoever posts the most EPIC Instagram every month gets their next month FREE!

Our Commitment to You

We're committed to constantly improving our products and formulas to always provide you with the highest quality product possible. Over time we'll be testing and experimenting with new herbs and ingredients that could make your Sunrocks experience even better. We'll also be expanding our product offerings with items that compliment Sunrocks including kickass merch and party tools.


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