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About Us

in the begining
In the beginning...

Like any good story, it starts with a girl. Several years ago our founder broke up with a girl that he'd been with for many years. To distract his mind and soul he went on a party rampage. However, raging for weeks at a time tends to make having a clear head to get your 9 to 5 job done the next day pretty fvcking impossible. The sitch was clear, either stop raging or... SCIENCE!! After lots of research about how alcohol is metabolized and affects your body he started experimenting with different combinations of vitamins and herbs that were thought to help minimize alcohol's affects. The first night he experimented he partied, the next day, he felt amazing. His next thought: "Challenge Accepted! How far can I push this??" And he tried hard. His friend's tried hard. His friend's friends tried hard. After two years of fine tuning different combinations and trying different ingredients, the level of party it takes to slow them down now would kill lesser men. Sunrocks was born.

Sunrocks Mission

Our mission is to facilitate maximum rage, help people feel great, have great experiences and the most epic partying possible. Making the world a better place, one night at a time. And more cow bell.

What's in My Sunrocks Subscription?

Every month you'll get your order of Sunrocks, each pre-packaged for a night out. Put them in your pocket, walk out the door and burn the town down. Every once in a awhile we'll throw in a free gift to help take your partying to the next level. We'll also include free samples of new products that we're working on to enhance the Sunrocks experience. Our motto: try it first, see if it works for you. If you like it, subscribe for life and name your first born after us. You'll also get our monthly email newsletter (no paper, cause you know... trees are cool). Every month we'll send you party tips, stories from our raging (no we don't intend to stop) and party pictures from the Sunrocks Instagram community. Whoever posts the most EPIC Instagram (@sunrocksparty) every month gets their next month FREE!


The Sunrocks Guarantee

Sunrocks come with an unconditional 12 Month Guarantee! You try Sunrocks and they don't work, you just don't like them or they gave you superpowers and that's just too much responsibility for you let us know and we'll refund your subscription up to the last 12 Months! Are we worried? Fvck No. Sunrocks Kick Ass!

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