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The answer is 42

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WTF are Sunrocks?

Sunrocks are a unique blend of vitamins and herbs that give you more of the ingredients your body needs to digest and metabolize alcohol so you can drink without worrying about a hangover.

How does the monthly subscription option work?

We'll send you the right amount of Sunrocks every month. You tell us what kind of party animal you are and we'll send you Sunrocks for each and every night of the week you rage so you can go into maximum beast mode without worrying about all the important stuff you have to do the next day.

How to use sunrocks?

Sunrocks come conveniently pre-packaged for each night out. Each pack comes with three servings, enough for anyone's crazy night out. Take one with your first drink and another every 2-3 hours, 4-5 drinks or 10 high-fives. Just put em in your pocket and roll out. It's easier than birth control.

why do we get hungover?

Your body digests alcohol through a two-step process. First it breaks ethanol (booze) down into a chemical called Acetaldehyde, which is REALLY toxic (about 30x more than ethanol). Then it breaks Acetaldehyde into Acetate, which is pretty non-toxic and you easily excrete it (pee pee for the layperson). Your body uses a special anti-oxidant called Glutathione to break Acetaldehyde into Acetate. The problem is that you have a relatively low amount of the precursors and co-factors (building blocks) of Glutathione available for your body to use from your typical diet. This means your body runs out of them quickly and Acetaldehyde builds up in your system causing all sorts of stress and mayhem (you basically poisoned yourself). The great thing about this is that if you keep supplying your body with those Glutathione building blocks, you can break down Acetaldehyde much more efficiently. What does this mean? You might be able to drink a whole bottle of tequila and run a marathon the next day. Are we guaranteeing that? Of course not! Everyone's body and metabolism is different, but we're just saying... maybe. At the very least you'll crush that early morning sales meeting.

What's in Sunrocks?

Vitamins. Herbs. Univcorn blood. Awesome sauce. For full supplement facts call 1-800-326-5617

How do I know it works?

Check out our testimonials. Talk to your friends. Ask Jesus. They know what's up. Also, all Sunrocks come with a full 90 day Guarantee! Yeah, you read that right. You try Sunrocks and don't like it, let us know and we'll refund up to your last 90 days. That's how much we believe in our product and how much we care about you having the most EPIC Sunrocks experience possible.

Who are we?

The Party Gods. Prepare the sacrifice!

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Hells to the yeah. If you love your friends you'll buy them a lifetime subscription. Friends don't let friends party without protection.

How does pricing work?

Click this little guy ->

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, but why would you want to?

What if I'm piling up Sunrocks?

Put the controller down and get out more.

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